Taste. Feeling. Storytelling. "Three of a Mind", is an Album by Adam Birnbaum, the name of a Band, and a mission statement.
We seek to play together as one mind.
Through years of apprenticeship with the Masters of Jazz Music, Al Foster has quietly developed his unique voice as a composer and drummer. For the last decade Doug Weiss and Adam Birnbaum have been the recipients of this vast resource of experience. The unique feeling and musicality of this trio has come about through years of playing places from classrooms to concert halls, all across the world.
We offer you a collaborative effort, a trio forged in the unity of purpose; a trio whose roots encompass the streets of Harlem to the Conservatory. Please enjoy!

"You are playing some very heartfelt music" ~ Herbie Hancock

"The more time you spend with “Three of a Mind," the clearer it becomes that this is an unbeatable platform for Mr. Foster, whose drumming at 72 is a marvel, stamped all at once by economy, urgency and ease."

Nate Chinen, New York Times, February 16, 2015